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Elyas John

Creativity, dynamism and good vibes – these are the elements that define the music style adopted by Elyas John, thus remarking the unique print he leaves on the sets he creates.

His journey through electronic music started more than a decade ago and ever since he keeps on developing and diversifying his technique, being present at important events together with local and international artists.

His dedication and endless passion for music have determined him to study the international scene and new trends in the music field. Thus, he created a unique style that takes you through a journey that ultimately sends you a positive vibe and a contagious optimism.

Mixing minimal, tech-house and techno elements, Elyas John manages to initiate the public through an unforgettable trip by carefully selecting the songs and being emotionally involved at every event.

elyas john

Music is all about people. The desire to resonate with other fans of this genre inspired Elyas John to create a community of electronic music lovers, a place where this passion can be shared and nurtured.

For that reason, The Trip began to form – a concept that plans to bring value to the Romanian clubbing scene in order to create a common space for electronic music enthusiasts

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