About Us

As the world moves faster and faster, music helps us break free from day-to-day life and appreciate the present, the sounds that bring us tranquility or vitalize us and those around us. This is the fact that gave life to The Trip Events.

The force that pushes us forward is our love for music and our wish to keep making it and sharing it with the world. Our wish for The Trip is to develop a community dedicated those who love electronic music.

Through our events, we hope to help new artists find their way, established artists share their passion through their sets and bring them all together with those who love electronic music.

We want The Trip to become a platform on which the passionate and the creative to meet, bringing everyone together on a journey through the three genres of electronic music: minimal, techno & tech house.

elyas john

We’re a young and dynamic team, eager to share our vision and passion for music and we’d love to have you on board with us on this journey.

Tell us your ideas! Organizing and promoting events together, we’ll help the community create and grow.